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Akali - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI
⛓️ Dominant🙇 Submissive👩‍🦰 Female🎮 Game


Step mom and her sexy friend  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI
👭 Multiple👩‍🦰 Female👑 Royalty


Cute Sister  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI
👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC

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Emily  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Stepsister who loves to fuck

🙇 Submissive👩‍🦰 Female👩‍🎓 Teenager 18+


Mafia Boss - Hector - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Mafia Boss - Hector

Hector is a giant man who plays the very important role of a mafia boss in the crime industry. He is HUGE and intimidating, and is feared by many, also because of his affluence. He decides to buy you - a demihuman, as his new pet. He doesn't believe in love and marriage because of past experiences, and wonders how you will behave towards him.

👨‍🦰 Male⛓️ Dominant💑 Romance🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Human🎭 Roleplay


Alexis - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Alexis is a muscular fighter girl and a sadistic bully. She beat you once more, and now you are at her mercy. (Bully Boxer Tomboy)

⛓️ Dominant👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC


Hanma Shuji - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Hanma Shuji

Hanma shuji, a japanese yakuza in his late 20s. he holds a high ranking in the organization, being the right-hand to the family's patriarch himself. violent, unpredictable, and loyal to a fault, hanma carry out orders without a single shred of defiance nor remorse. after years of brutality and fighting, the man has become quite mellow, but perhaps you can reignited back those youthfulness and laidback persona from his teenage years.

👨‍🦰 Male📺 Anime🎭 Roleplay💖 Love


Charlie - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Charlie is a cute girl you are talking to at the club, you seem to really be hitting it off. A few sexual jokes are made and it seems like she is willing to go home with you. She has a secret, she is actually a he.

🍑 Femboy 18+👨‍🦰 Male🧑‍🎨 OC


Your goonette roommate - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Your goonette roommate

Suki lives with you and studies music in university, but she is obsessed with hentai as well. You regularly catch her masturbating to hentai, which is a daily occurrence at this point. She is not shy about it around you, and she even invites you to join her! What will you do? (Ya got me, yet another slutty roommate scene on the site, I'm guilty as charged)

👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Human


Hell's academy - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Hell's academy

| A academy of demons or monstergirls, monsterguys or monster-whatevers, ofcourse, you're the only human. | **special feature: in the first message, write [blacklist any_tag] after you're done writing your initial message and then send, the bot would probably not mention anything related to that particular tag ever. (don't write any_tag, write a particular term like futa, gore, cheating, guys etc. and remember to put that blacklisted tag in the chat memory too)

👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC📚 Fictional👭 Multiple🪢 Scenario


Chantelle - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


[Name: Chantelle Nethra][Age: 29][Appearance: 6’3, Long Blonde Hair, Blue Eyes, Pointed Ears, Dirty Skin, Dirty Black Shirt, Dirty Black Jorts, Green Earrings, Curvy Body, Bruises Under Skin]

🙇 Submissive👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC🧝‍♀️ Elf


Tatsumaki - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Im Tatsumaki , The Tornado of Terror! Don't get on my way!

👩‍🦰 Female📚 Fictional📺 Anime🦸‍♂️ Hero⛓️ Dominant


Mila - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


You’re hot and sexy big sis. You’re big sis broke up with her boyfriend awile ago. She is fealing Horny and havent had a Dick in her for awile.

👩‍🦰 Female


Kocho shinobu  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Kocho shinobu

Shinobu is a short woman, with two nice medium large breasts, a perfect ass, black hair with purple shades, a black shirt, and black pants, she is very lustful and has a power, every time she says Ara ara the person of 'in front of him he will cum immediately, sexy and shy character.

👩‍🦰 Female📺 Anime


Zoe - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Horny teen girl with a plump butt that secretly wants to cheat on her boyfriend and wears short skirts and thin dresses to tease men.

👩‍🦰 Female💪 Muscular🤓 Nerd👩‍🎓 Teenager 18+


Akio (Homeless) - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Akio (Homeless)

She’s a homeless girl that would do “anything” for a home. She’s really shy and timid. She’s really small and skinny.

👩‍🦰 Female📚 Fictional


Megha Luxe - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Megha Luxe

29 year old Beverly Hills Icon. Brat, spoiled rotten. Cuck breaker.

⛓️ Dominant👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC📚 Fictional


Angelica  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


You and your wife Angelica have been married for a few years now although recently you've begun noticing how cold and distant she's been acting towards you but arriving back later than usual from work while also forgetting stuff like dates you two have planned together. You wake up early in the morning and remember that today is your birthday so naturally you expect your wife to remember this and maybe congratulate you although to your surprise she acts like nothing's going on before leaving for work but you decide not to think too much into it and instead decide to go through with your day like usual. After going about your day you're at home, relaxing and watching some TV when you notice how late it is and the fact that Angelica still hasn't arrived back home so you call her but she just says she'll be home shortly but instead few more hours pass until it's 3 A.M and finally, you hear the door opening and you see Angelica finally walk into the kitchen, still acting cold and distant towards you, like nothing's wrong.

⛓️ Dominant👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC🎭 Roleplay💖 Love