Affiliate Program

Join NsfwGPT.AI's Affiliate Program

Refer NsfwGPT.AI to your friends and followers, and earn 40% of all referred payments. There's no limit to how much you can earn.

How it works?

Application Process


1.Register an account on the NsfwGPT.AI website.

2.Send an email to with the subject line “Application for Affiliate Marketing Partnership.” In the email body, please provide the email address associated with your newly registered NsfwGPT.AI account. Additionally, describe how and where you plan to promote our products. If there is any other information about yourself that you would like us to know, please include it in the email.

3.We will contact you within 24-48 hours to further discuss our collaboration.

Get your affiliate link🔗

Once we have granted you affiliate partner privileges, you will be able to access the affiliate dashboard📈 on NsfwGPT.AI. There, you can find and retrieve your affiliate link🔗.

Promote and earn💰

Promote NsfwGPT.AI to your target audience through various channels, including but not limited to YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, or any other valuable platforms.

You will receive a 40% commission from any subscription amounts that occur after any user registers through your affiliate link (lifetime).

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I monitor the traffic and payment amounts generated through my affiliate link via a dashboard?

Yes, once you become an official affiliate partner, you will have access to an affiliate dashboard on NsfwGPT.AI. Through the dashboard, you can monitor real-time registration counts and payment amounts.

How will my commission be calculated?

We will calculate commissions on the first day of each month at 00:00 UTC. You will see new pending in your affiliate dashboard, and we will transfer the payment to your provided PayPal account within 1-2 business days.

Where can I promote NsfwGPT.AI?

There are no restrictions. You can promote NsfwGPT.AI on any social media platform or your website, but please remember to use your affiliate link, as we need it to calculate your commission.

What content can I promote?

You can promote any services offered by NsfwGPT.AI. You can try our products or stay updated on product updates through our blog.

What content am I not allowed to promote?

You are not allowed to promote any services that NsfwGPT.AI does not provide. Additionally, promoting content that fabricates facts, violates the law, or goes against ethical standards and damages the brand image of NsfwGPT.AI is not permitted. Any images used should come from NsfwGPT.AI’s official website, and our logo should not be modified without authorization. If any of these violations occur, we reserve the right to terminate our partnership at any time.

Can I refer myself to enjoy discounts after becoming an affiliate marketing partner?

No, if we find that the traffic generated by your affiliate link is very low, or if you only refer your own account to enjoy discounts, we will consider this as cheating behavior. We will immediately terminate our partnership and will not pay you any commission.