🎉Win Free Messages!

Complete the following tasks to obtain free messages.

Daily Check-In
🎁 20 Messages

Check in and get 20 free messages every 24 hours!

Daily Public Chat
🎁 50 Messages

You can share a public chat with more than 10 messages once every 24 hours.
How to share a public chat?

Join Discord
🎁 50 Messages

1. Join our Discord server
2. Go to the #free-messages channel.
3. Get the link for claiming free messages.
4. Open the link and click the claim button. ⬇️

Invite Friends
🎁 20 Messages / User

Invite friends to register and use your invite code.
✨Suggestion: Share invite code in our Discord server.

Use Invite Code
🎁 20 Messages

Use an invite code to redeem 20 messages.
✨Suggestion: Obtain invite code in our Discord server.