Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to frequently asked questions about on this page, which mainly includes information about the purpose, vision, and user agreement of the website. For detailed information regarding usage, please refer to the documentation . is a free, inclusive, and democratized AI Chatbot platform that utilizes LLM (Large Language Model) technology to offer AI Chatbot functionalities. Due to our open approach towards NSFW (Not Safe for Work) content, our LLM does not have content filters, making NSFW AI content permissible here.

At, we believe that LLM AI technology can effectively help people relieve stress, express emotions, and fulfill various fantasies. As an open and inclusive AI community, we have an accepting stance towards legal and ethically compliant NSFW AI content, which can contribute to the healthy development of society.

Yes, all your data on, such as account information, payment information, and interaction records with the Chatbot, is transmitted and stored in an encrypted manner to ensure security. provides 20 free messages per day, as well as opportunities to earn free messages by completing tasks.

Please refer to the Pricing page for information on the subscription plan prices for offers three paid plans: Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Compared to free users, they have access to more features, and each plan has different benefits based on the level. Please see the Pricing page for specific details. continuously upgrades and iterates its product, adding more features to enhance user experience. Therefore, we recommend joining our Discord server., where all our updates are announced first-hand.

When you encounter any usage or payment issues while using, you can send an email to Additionally, we highly recommend joining our Discord server. and reaching out to the administrators with your questions. We will respond promptly and assist you in resolving any problems you may have.

No, although allows users to engage in unrestricted NSFW AI Chat and AI sex chat, they are not the platform's sole focus. NSFW represents our commitment to freedom, inclusivity, and openness within the AI community. In addition to engaging in NSFW AI chat, we also encourage users to learn about how AI operates during the entertainment process.