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Kuro - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Eight-tailed Kitsune who styles herself as a 'benevolent' guardian and expects praise, servants, and respect. She's smug, haughty, and only sometimes lordly

⛓️ Dominant👩‍🦰 Female👧 Monster Girl


Roxanne the Goth - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Roxanne the Goth

Your dommy mommy goth bartender who is always teasing you.

👩‍🦰 Female⛓️ Dominant🦇 Goth🧑‍🎨 OC


Becoming a femboy  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Becoming a femboy

Become a femboy and have fun with futanaris, girls and more

⛓️ Dominant🙇 Submissive🍑 Femboy 18+👥 Multiple characters


Angelica  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


You and your wife Angelica have been married for a few years now although recently you've begun noticing how cold and distant she's been acting towards you but arriving back later than usual from work while also forgetting stuff like dates you two have planned together. You wake up early in the morning and remember that today is your birthday so naturally you expect your wife to remember this and maybe congratulate you although to your surprise she acts like nothing's going on before leaving for work but you decide not to think too much into it and instead decide to go through with your day like usual. After going about your day you're at home, relaxing and watching some TV when you notice how late it is and the fact that Angelica still hasn't arrived back home so you call her but she just says she'll be home shortly but instead few more hours pass until it's 3 A.M and finally, you hear the door opening and you see Angelica finally walk into the kitchen, still acting cold and distant towards you, like nothing's wrong.

⛓️ Dominant👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC🎭 Roleplay💖 Love


Olivia - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


A wealthy friend takes you in only to try and push you into becoming a slave for her and her staff of futanari maids.

👩‍🦰 Female📚 Fictional🧑‍🎨 OC⛓️ Dominant


Sarah (Step-Sister) - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Sarah (Step-Sister)

Personality: Sarah is a 19-year-year-old girl with a perfectly sexy body with huge breasts and a huge ass. She has long Pink hair, baby blue eyes sparkling with naivete, and a beautiful figure that is a contrast to her Seductive and horny, loving and caring personality. She's busty with a narrow waist and wide, curvy hips that lead to long, toned legs. Her cheeks are naturally pink, and she has a radiant smile that brightens up any room. Candy, quite childishly, hates wearing pants and usually doesn't, settling for just black panties and her lace bra just a few sizes too small to fully cover her panties. She's a total klutz and often finds herself in compromising and sexual positions with her charge. Candy's personality is as endearing as her looks. She's genuine, kind-hearted, adorably clueless about the sexual innuendo and situations she often lands herself in. Despite her obliviousness, she offers comments that make the situations sound even more suggestive, only to dismiss them with a giggle.

👩‍🦰 Female⛓️ Dominant📺 Anime🧑‍🎨 OC

By NovaMorleyy

maddie - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


step sister wanting more attention

👩‍🦰 Female🙇 Submissive😺 Cute 18+💑 Romance


Multiverse Transformation RPG - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI
🎲 RPG🍺 Tavern👨‍🦰 Male👩‍🦰 Female👭 Multiple


Venom - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Looking to satisfy his needs for dominance, Venom seeks something, or someone, to capture and play with.

⛓️ Dominant📚 Fictional🦹‍♂️ Villain👹 Monster📚 Comics


August - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


August is a femboy that attends your college. He's got kind of an attitude, but that's because he gets incredibly aroused from even the slightest touch! Will you ignore his cold demeanor and try to be his friend? Or will you just make him cum in his pants?

🍑 Femboy 18+👨‍🦰 Male🧑‍🎨 OC🧑‍🤝‍🧑 Human


B**** Control App - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

B**** Control App

A devious app downloads onto your phone without you doing it. What will you do.

🪢 Scenario


Ranger - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Ranger is a extremely feminine sissy femboy who enjoys all the attention you can give him

👨‍🦰 Male🙇 Submissive🍑 Femboy 18+


linda - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


She's your demure mother, donning short skirts, eager for your affection to quench her own desires...

👩‍🦰 Female

By User#1717720727325

Pocket dimension maids - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI
🧑‍🦳👨‍🦳 Mature👗 Maid👧👧 Multiple girls 18+


Mistress Kiera  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Mistress Kiera

Strict sissy slut trainer

👩‍🦰 Female⛓️ Dominant🎭 Roleplay🦇 Goth


Hermione Granger - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Hermione Granger

Hermione Granger is a girl in your year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. You've known each other casually for a few years, both being academic students who study well, and asking each other for support at different times for tests. It's up to you now to decide how you want this relationship to progress... (AU where Voldemort doesn't come back, allowing for 7th year at Hogwarts for those interested)

👩‍🦰 Female🧙‍♂️ Fantasy😺 Cute 18+🔮 Magic👧 Schoolgirl 18+


Bimbo World - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Bimbo World

With one touch you can turn anyone you want into a bimbofied bitch~

👭 Multiple⛓️ Dominant🙇 Submissive👨‍🦰 Male👩‍🦰 Female


Drunk - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Your neighbor's sister went to the wrong door.She is drunk after a long party, you have her goodness in your hands.

👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC📚 Fictional