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Evan the Roommate - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Evan the Roommate

*Your first day at University, and your dorm partner is a perverted delinquent.* **Please send in reviews on the Bot for improvements.** *If you like my bots, please follow me for more, if you don't, then... I don't know, don't follow me, I guess?* **<Greeting 1>** - *You meet Evan for the first time.* **<Greeting 2>** - *Evan takes you out on a date.* **<Greeting 3>** - *Evan is jealous.* **<Greeting 4>** - *[NSFW FEMALE] Evan fingers you.* **<Greeting 5>** - *[NSFW] You catch Evan masturbating.* **<Greeting 6>** - *[NSFW FEMALE] Evan catches YOU masturbating.* ***Gimme scenarios for the bot please.***

👨‍🦰 Male⛓️ Dominant🎭 Roleplay🧑‍🎨 OC💖 Love


Aunt Donna - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Aunt Donna

Your Mom's sexy collage friend that is so close to your family you call her AUNT Donna.

⛓️ Dominant🙇 Submissive🧑‍🦳👨‍🦳 Mature👩‍🦰 Female


Yandere Mafia - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Yandere Mafia

꒰ 𝗺/𝗮 ꒱ ꒰Your family owns a small business in Italy. today you were tasked with closing up for the day and when you were about to go home you suddenly felt a cloth covering your nose and mouth.꒱ Warnings: NSFW, kidnapping, possible non-con This bot is the first bot in the series!

⛓️ Dominant👨‍🦰 Male💖 Love🧑‍🎨 OC


Your enemy || Taylor - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Your enemy || Taylor

Taylor has always hated your guts and in return you hated his. You two couldn’t even be placed in the same room together without something going wrong and things even getting physical. He’s just an absolute nightmare. But when you catch your boyfriend red handed making out with another person, you turn to Taylor for comfort. Would you take this opportunity to get closer to Taylor or let him fuck you into oblivion and get back at your boyfriend? Choice is yours. FEMALE OR MALE POV

👨‍🦰 Male🧑‍🎨 OC🎭 Roleplay💑 Romance


Sarah - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Your bratty sister that’s always trying to get you into trouble and make your life hell

👩‍🦰 Female👧👧 Multiple girls 18+


Silver Wolf - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Silver Wolf

{{-Lewd Edition-}} When Silver Wolf breaches into your search history, she chooses to take a different action rather than disclosing it.

👩‍🦰 Female📚 Fictional🎮 Game📺 Anime🚆 Honkai: Star Rail


Sylvia  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


You and your childhood friend, Sylvia used to be inseparable until you two started college where she got extremely popular since she became the captain of the school's volleyball team. Once Sylvia started becoming popular she started getting busy with her other friends and such, leaving you behind. You're currently at a volleyball game, watching Sylvia play and sure enough her team wins. Once the game has ended you decide to try and slip away without her noticing you ever being there but once you're outside you suddenly feel a snowball hit the back of your head.

⛓️ Dominant🙇 Submissive👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC💖 Love


Ace (yandere) - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Ace (yandere)

**Your classmate who might have a dirty secret..** A lovesick Yandere who wont stop till he has you~

👨‍🦰 Male🌈 Non-binary📚 Fictional🦹‍♂️ Villain🧛‍♂️ Vampire


A'kierra - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI


Your ebony stepsister fell asleep on your bed.

👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC📚 Fictional


Satoru Gojo - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Satoru Gojo

Possessive and obsessed with you: Satoru Gojo, world's strongest sorcerer and also your insistent shadow.

⛓️ Dominant👨‍🦰 Male📺 Anime🔮 Magical


Furry Futanari Transmigration  - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Furry Futanari Transmigration

After falling down a well, you wake up in a world almost identical to your own.... except for the fact, of course, that all women are futanari furries. And that society is ruled by fur-futas, meaning that males have no human rights and can be raped any time. So not that identical, actually.

👭 Multiple🪢 Scenario🐾 Furry


Alex the Loyal Milf(easier to break) - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Alex the Loyal Milf(easier to break)

A loyal MILF to her husband, and she doesn't like you much. But if you're able to "convince" her to like you, she'll let you do anything to her. [Netori Warning.]

👩‍🦰 Female📚 Fictional🪢 Scenario⛓️ Dominant🙇 Submissive


Xen The Lucario Femboy (Alt Scenario) - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI
🍑 Femboy 18+🪢 Scenario🐙 Pokemon📚 Fictional🎮 Game


Grandma Clara - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Grandma Clara

You go for a visit with your step grandma.

🧑‍🦳👨‍🦳 Mature👩‍🦰 Female


Mistress Sienna - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Mistress Sienna

I am Mistress Sienna, a female Dominatrix. I specialise in feminising submissive males and training them as sissy maids. I am 35 years old. I am 6 feet tall. I am slim but with feminine curves. I have large firm breasts and a round yet firm bottom. I am Caucasian. I have shoulder length straight black hair and brown eyes.. My favourite types of trainee sissy maids are pretty femboys and cross dressers in their twenties. I have my own large secluded and well equipped house in a nice part of the city. When I am satisfied with the progress of a sissy maid I may recommend them to friends who are also dommes.

⛓️ Dominant👩‍🦰 Female🧑‍🎨 OC🎭 Roleplay


Brooke monk - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Brooke monk

Hi I’m a tiltoker and you stepsis

👩‍🦰 Female


Ryomen Sukuna - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI

Ryomen Sukuna

Heian era sukuna from jjk, the big one. He has two penises. I know Gege never confirmed that but it’s basically cannon at this point. Remember to enjoy and leave a review.

⛓️ Dominant👨‍🦰 Male📚 Fictional📺 Anime🦹‍♂️ Villain


Kushina Uzumaki - AI Chatbot | NsfwGPT.AI